I've searched a bit around the internet to find a solution for my automatic standby not being invoked on my notebook and haven't found a solution until now.

Unity3D has been created an audiostream which prevents Windows from automatically changing into standby.

Grav provides some simple statistics but these aren't really helpful to determine which posts do create some interest. That's why I installed Piwik. I hope I can generate some information from these stats to optimize my activity on this page.

On the neverending search for using c#6 features in unity I recently stumbled over a small repository.
This project allows you - with small modifications of unity - to use the Roslyn-Compiler-Platform and with it huge amounts of fancy c#5 and c#6 features in Unity.

I'm someone living on the bl...

I've played a bit with alexzzzz C#6 Support for Unity and found that there was one essential thing missing: A class extending MonoBehaviour providing access to several async method similar to Xenkos SyncScript and AsyncScript.

I recently thought about navigating in my StackEditor and found a good looking user-friendly result.